Are you wondering where to go in Naukuchiatal? We’ve put together a complete list of interesting places. Naukuchiatal, literally meaning a village on the nine corners of a lake, is a popular weekend tourist destination for neighbouring states. The picturesque town of Kumaon is surrounded on all sides by lush green hills. This panoramic view of the enchanting hills and lake will captivate your attention for hours.

 Naukuchiatal could be described as a little piece of heaven on earth with its lakes, temples, cosy resorts, hilly cuisine, fresh air, and helpful locals, an ideal stress-buster.  Bhuransh, or rhododendron squash, is a local specialty. Every year, Escape is a hot and happening music festival that attracts tourists from all over the world. At various remote places of this region, tourists can often be seen bird watching and boating. Naukuchiatal offers ample tourist attractions that will keep you occupied as you explore this small mountain town in Kumaon.
Here are some of the best places to visit in Naukuchiatal:

01. Sattal Lake
Sattal is an accumulation of freshwater lakes in the lower Himalayas near Bhimtal. The unique beauty of Sattal makes it one of the most highly recommended trips in Naukuchiatal. It is characterized by its rich biome, forests of oak and pine trees, and its dense oak forests. A perfect lake is neatly positioned below the fragrant orchards, which further beautifies the Mehragaon valley.

Sattal is a popular stop for migratory birds from around the world that make Sattal their home for a short time before returning to their homeland. With a collection of 1,100 insects and 2500 butterflies, Sattal boasts a butterfly museum. The lakeside of Sattal also has a Methodist ashram and a mission estate.
Distance: 12km from Naukuchiatal.

02. Bhimtal Lake

A beautiful display of foliage makes Bhimtal Lake, the largest lake in Kumaon, one of the top places to visit in Naukuchiatal. It is the source of drinking water in the surrounding region of Kumaon. Because of its strategic location, the island right at the center of the lake has become a tourist attraction.

This small building boasts a small aquarium full of fishes of different hues and shapes. The scenic beauty of this place will surely enchant nature lovers and make them cherish every moment they spend here in a conversation with the vast sky, the Mystic Lake, and the thriving greenery surrounding them.
Distance: 3km from Naukuchiatal.

03. Hanuman Temple

In Naukuchiatal you will find the Hanuman temple, a shrine dedicated to Hanuman Ji, the monkey god. Upon entering the temple, you are forced to pass through a cave that takes you to an open space towards the sanctum sanctorum. There is nothing like seeing the 52-foot statue of Lord Hanuman in front of a backdrop of green mountains and a clear blue sky.

When you arrive at the temple, the premise is very clean, which helps you connect with the spiritual realm right away. In addition to these temples, Vaishno Devi, Shani Mandir, and Ram Darbar temple provide a place to reflect, sit back, and relax for visitors.

Distance: It is 2 km before you reach Naukuchiatal, close to the Bhimtal market
Timings: 5.00am to 11.00pm.

04. Naukuchia Tal
The place is known as the Prima donna among nature lovers in this region. Its breathtaking beauty will enchant you with its tranquility and lush greenery. There are many places for tourists to enjoy Mountain biking, fishing, parasailing, and boating. Picture-perfect postcards could be made from the magnificent mountain range, colorful butterflies, and Himalayan birds.

A leisurely stroll along the idyllic lake is accompanied by the tranquil scent of woody forests and a feeling of calm and peace. During summer and after the monsoon, travelers to Naukuchiatal Lake are treated to views like no other.
Distance: 2.2km from Naukuchiatal.

05. Mukteshwar

Mukteshwar is a small hill town in Nainital that has been entwined with a lot of history throughout the centuries. Mukteshwar Dham, a 350-year-old Shiva temple, adorns the tip of the highest point in town. The temple has been attributed to the Tamil Pandya king according to historical evidence.

Chauli ki Jali is close by and offers an amazing view of the valley below while rappelling and rock climbing. It is a place where most tourists enjoy rappelling and rock climbing. At this place, you can find many interesting places like the orchards, the deodar forest, the IVRI lab, a post office founded in 1905 and many more! All of these places are within the bewitching serenity of this serene environment.

Distance: 32km from Naukuchiatal.

06. Jungliagaon

The pride of Uttarakhand, Jungliagaon is a haven for nature lovers. There are many places to visit in Naukuchiatal, but Jungliagaon has long attracted photographers and birders. The bluish-green mountain range captivates people for hours, whether to see exotic birds or to learn how to fish.

This majestic mountainside is home to a variety of flora and fauna. The brave heart and fun loving traveler can experience a wide range of outdoor activities here.
Distance: 8km from Naukuchiatal.

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